Vision Statement
Our goal is to disciple young people while equipping them for the work of the ministry, mastering in the love of Jesus. The youth of our community will not only be taught the word of God, but understand how to apply it to their daily lives in order to impact those who cross their paths. Ultimately, we are raising up modern day Joshua and Caleb’s. The Youth will be equipped, empowered, and boldly ready to possess the land as God has promised.

Culture Changers
From the place of intimacy with the Lord they can become witnesses
to the world around them. It is our heart that they would connect
with their very purpose for living. We aspire to equip them to be
witnesses of the light wherever their place of influence might be.
We desire to raise up culture changers, people that will literally bring
reformation to our society. We believe that every young person has a
role in the advancement of God’s kingdom and that they were called to
it “for such a time as this” (Est. 4:14).